One-on-One ZOOM
Voice Over Coaching
with William Williams

Up your game! Take your Voice Over performance to the next level with One-on-One Coaching with Hollywood Voice Talent, William Williams

Sometimes a Voice Talent is missing particular skills in their reads. 

And they may not even know what is holding them back.

Kind of like a baseball hitter that is in a slump. They could try to figure out what's wrong. But in pro baseball they have a batting coach on their side.

"You're dropping your shoulder! That's why you have no power."


Voice Over uses a "bag of tricks" set of skills.

And successful VO talents know how to combine these skills to create winning auditions and client pleasing jobs.

If you feel that you are not "hitting it out of the park", I can help with One-on-One Private Coaching.


In our session I'll review your performance and identify the skills that you need work on

Then I'll give you clear instruction on exactly how to improve those areas. And we don't just work on random copy. We will use copy where a particular skill is necessary and we'll practice until you know that you've mastered that skill.

Here are just some of the skills I can help you with:

  • Voice Acting
  • Conversational Reads
  • Copy Interpretation
  • Speech Variety
  • Vocal Inflections
  • Phrasing and Breathing
  • Reading Skills


Consider these reasons why you may want Private Coaching:

  • You want an evaluation of your present skills and suggestions on what areas need improvement
  • You have specific skills you are trying to acquire or improve
  • You've done radio and you want to pursue voice-overs
  • You have done voice-overs in the past and want to return to the industry.

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