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Now You can Learn Voice Over from Hollywood voice over talent William Williams at home at your own pace

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Here are the skills your clients will expect from you and the best way to learn and perfect those skills


Learn the Skills Necessary to Perform Commercial Voice Over!

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You'll Learn, Practice and Perfect the needed voice over skills so you can compete with the best in the business

Skills like inflection, voice pitch, word emphasis, phrasing, timing, voice acting and character creation. Plus how to market your voice over skills successfully.

And these same skills can be used in commercials, narration, audiobooks--even animation

These reading and performing skills are the foundation of all voice over genres. So no matter which type of voice over you perform you'll have the technique to be at the top of your game.

Don't be fooled by repackaged Youtube videos claiming to teach you voice over

Trying to learn Voice Over from Youtube is like trying to become a doctor by reading WebMD.
This course is original content created from the materials I use to teach and coach voice over to top talent in Los Angeles and across the country

Here's the Full List of the Lessons You Will Receive

Ninety video lessons, twenty-nine voice over spots written specifically to practice the skills you learn, PDF handouts for each lesson PLUS tools you need AND Marketing your skills

• Hello I'm William Williams...
• Overview-Achieving Variety & Sincerity in Voice Over
• Use the Different Components of Speech to Create VARIETY and SINCERITY
• Speech Is Unconscious Behavior Which We'll Learn to Control
• Much of Your Speech Is Non-Verbal-Inflections and Emotions

• Advertising 101
• You Need to Record to Evaluate
• Read Out Loud
• Reading Accuracy
• Your Turn!-Every Spot Has An Attitude
• A Different Vibe in Each Paragraph

• Pronunciation
• Enunciation
• More Attitudes to Practice
• Now it's Your Turn
• Wave Breaker Water Park
• Samuelson Swift Financial
• Lambert Cribs
• Thompson Bank
• How Did You Do?

• Phrasing and Beats
• Phrasing in Advertising Copy
• Phrasing-Stonebridge Funds
• Phrasing-Stonebridge My Performance

• Pitch, Volume and Tone
• Word List Technique
• Your Turn-Word Lists
• Sentence List Technique
• Your Turn-Sentence Lists
• Paragraph List Technique
• Your Turn-Paragraph Lists
• Great Job!

• Breathing for Voice Overs
• Warm Up Your Voice
• Stressing Words in the Copy
• Your Turn-Brand Stressing
• Brand Stressing-Pure Water
• Stressing Words for Variety
• Variety Stressing-That Special Smile
• Stressing Words in Parallel Sentences
• Stressing Words in Parallel Sentences-The MInima
• Stressing Words to Reference Previous Information
• StressingPrevious Info-Chuck Payne
• Keep Practicing!

• Marking Your Copy
• Acting 101
• Now It's Your Turn
• ITrade
• Crown Performa Sedan
• Boundless Paper Towels
• Great Progress

• Technical Acting vs Method Acting
• Now It's Your Turn
• Toaster Waffles
• ABT Home Security
• Releve for Headaches
• Louises Ristorante
• Excellent Acting!

• Introduction to Character Voices
• You Can Be Anybody!
• Accents in Voice Over
• The Southern Accent
• The New York Accent
• The British Accent
• Changing Your Age
• Expanded Your Opportunities with Characters

• Reading Speeds
• Reading to Time Aesthetics
• Reading toTime Benchmarks
• Now It's Your Turn-Pacing Three Spots
• Slow Pace-Olivia Lotion
• Slow Pace-Olivia Lotion My Read
• Medium Pace-Glen River Wine
• Medium Pace-Glen River Wine My Read
• Fast Pace-Tires Are Us
• Fast Pace-Tires Are Us My Read
• Great Job!

• Home Recording
• Your Voice Over Demo
• Your Self-Promotion Plan

• Now Promote Yourself!
• The "Three-Legged Milking Stool" Marketing Plan
• Freelancing on
• Freelancing on
• Online Casting Overview
• Online
• Online
• Direct Marketing in Your Area
• Voice Over Agents
• Get Started Now

"Very complete instruction. I'm faster on auditions an jobs now. And editing is so much simpler"

James H.

"William, Thank you for this training. I finally feel comfortable recording and I know the quality is what the client is looking for"


"I'm new to voice over recording and this is exactly what I needed. It's all in one lesson. I don't have to search the internet to learn what I need"

Thom W.

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