Are you struggling with Voice Over Home Recording?

I'll teach you to master Voice Over Recording for auditions and jobs with the Audacity Recording App

Learn Secrets of VO Recording with Audacity NOW!

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Your auditions are the foundation of your voice over career. Here's how to record top quality auditions and jobs lightning fast with th Audacity Recording Application


Don't let home recording limit your success! Step up your Voice Over Game performing fast, easy, top-quality auditions that put you above the competition.

Learn Secrets of Voice Over Recording with Audacity NOW!

To do Voice Overs you must be able to Record at Home!

Nowadays ALL auditions and most jobs are recorded in your home studio.

Your recording quality is the first thing they judge when they listen to your audition.

If your recording has low levels, rough edits or noise you will not be considered for the job.

And you have to be Fast and Efficient when you record

The best performers on Online Casting  take five minutes or less to turn in a quality audition.

And their auditions are broadcast quality.

If you're not fast and efficient with your auditions you'll waste time, lose jobs and earn less money.

Yeah, but I use [Pro Tools, Audition, Twisted Wave, Etc.]

Not to worry! We work with Audacity but these super tricks of saving files, recording, editing, mastering, formats, keyboard shortcuts work on all recording apps

Learn Secrets of VO Recording with Audacity NOW!

So don't let fear of home recording stall your voice over career!

In my Secrets of Voice Over Recording with Audacity class I'll teach you everything you need to know to quickly record, edit, master and deliver quality Voice Over recordings

Here's what you'll learn:

  • What is Audacity Audio Recording Software?
  • How and Where to Download Audacity
  • How to Download the required L.A.M.E. library for MP3s
  • Setting Up an Audition File Folder for Quick Access
  • Creating an Audacity Project for Auditioning
  • Setting the Audacity Preferences
  • Learning the Audacity Controls & Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Recording Tips for Fast, Quality Auditions
  • Quickly Editing the Audition Audio
  • Using Effects to Make Your Audio Stand Out
  • Mastering Your Recordings
  • Exporting Your Finished Recording
  • File Formats, Sample Rates, Bit Depths, kbits/s, etc.
  • And Now It's Your Turn!

Here's what you'll receive:

  • Over one hour of step-by-step videos to guide you
  • transcription of each video for reference
  • Instant Access to all the material and all updates

Plus screenshots, video examples and graphics so you can visualize each step to master Audacity

Learn Secrets of VO Recording with Audacity NOW!

"Very complete instruction. I'm faster on auditions an jobs now. And editing is so much simpler"

James H.

"William, Thank you for this training. I finally feel comfortable recording and I know the quality is what the client is looking for"


"I'm new to voice over recording and this is exactly what I needed. It's all in one lesson. I don't have to search the internet to learn what I need"

Thom W.

Learn these recording skills to super charge YOUR Voice Over Career!





Master the Secrets of Voice Over Recording with Audacity NOW
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Learn Secrets of VO Recording with Audacity NOW!

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